Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a space for people to explore their religious and spiritual experience, recognising that each person’s journey is unique and is also influenced by others.

The term “spiritual direction” is a bit of a misnomer, because it’s not about “directing” someone in the sense of “telling them what to do or think”. Spiritual direction is about working with someone to explore their spirituality (and what can be learned from the spirituality and experience of others) rather than pushing someone towards a particular set of understandings.

My own background is in the United Reformed Church (formed when Presbyterians, Congregationalists and Churches of Christ came together the UK) and value my connection with the Free Community Church in Singapore. I’ve worked with people across a range of traditions and have particular experience of Reformed and Ignatian approaches.

For its first five years I was Secretary of the East of England Faiths Council, which was a multi-faith body helping the faith communities of the East of England to engage with regional government. My own understanding also owes a great deal to experiences of Asian religions, particularly in Singapore and Bali, and to work with people who have a genuine sense of spirituality that doesn’t align so well with organised religion.

Spiritual direction supervision

I offer supervision for spiritual directors.